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CAU e servizi di Emergenza Urgenza in Emilia-Romagna

List of symptoms treated in CAU



• Headache/cluster headache/migraine (with mild-moderate pain)
• Eyesight disturbances
• Eye pain
• Irritation from contact lenses
• Red eye with secretions/Conjunctivitis
• Eye trauma without visual disturbances
• Foreign body in the ear
• Ear pain
• Hearing reduction/Ear wax blockage
• Nosebleed
• Toothache
• Post-dental extraction problems
• Stiff neck
• Cough/Cold/Sore throat
• Itching, redness/swelling of the skin
• Insect bites, animal bite
• Minor burns/Sunburns
• Muscle contracture
• Joint pain
• Mild traumas (Foot, Ankle, Knees, Elbow, Wrist, Hand)
• Diarrhoea (without blood)
• Anal disorders
• Abdominal pain (with mild-moderate pain)
• Side pain (such as kidney stones)
• Nausea and/or recurrent vomit
• Back pain/Lumbago
• Burning/Difficult urination
• Obstruction or replacement of bladder catheter
• Restlessness in a previously familiar anxious state
• Fever
• Dressings and stitch removal
• Small wounds
• Change in blood sugar concentration
• Change in blood pressure

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